Consultant Bios
Bart Wilson graduated from the University of Toronto (1996 B.Sc. 2001 B.Ed.) and the Haileybury School of Mines (1995 Mine Tec). He has had considerable experience working in difficult conditions in numerous Latin American countries, which include Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, and Colombia. In his early years Bart worked in Honduras and Nicaragua where he took a project from an exploration stage pre-feasibility through to production. Working here he completed a number of resource estimates for Greenstone Resources at the San Andres project. In Ecuador, he supervising regional geological evaluation work, stream sediment studies and follow-up studies for Aurelian Resources, his work with the regional team resulted in the discovery of Frute del Norte, a significant Au discovery.
Mr. Wilson is a founder of Buscore Consulting as well as Atlas Minerals.  More recently he has been involved principally with initiating drill projects in Peru, Paraguay,  and Haiti, as well as managing logistical needs for individual operations.
His willingness to work in places that others do not, and max-flex attitude enables him to keep spirits high, and get things done.  In Latin America and the Caribbean, his ability to speak Spanish and French has enabled him to capitalize on relations with locals to facilitate the successful completion of exploration programs.